Elections – War Room Activities

We have very unique strategies for the Election campaigns. Our War Room track each and every activity and create Strategies  accordingly.

  1. Data Analytics – Research, Analysis and Reporting
  • Survey
  • Political Research
  • Demographic Research
  • Micro/Macro Issues
  • Opinion/Exit Poll
  1. Media Watch
  2. Debates Preparation and Organization
  3. Media Planning
  4. Press Releases/Press Conferences
  5. Social Media Design and Implementation
  6. Website Design
  7. Mobile App Promotions
  8. Display Advertisements on Internet
  9. Speech Writing
  10. Message Development for Pamphlets, Social Media, Internet, Press Releases, Stickers, Posters, SMS etc
  11. Nukkad Meetings – Physical Interaction Ideas – Grass Root and Direct Voters Contact Plan
  12. Text SMS
  13. Voice SMS.
  14. WhatsApp Messages (Groups/Messages/Broadcasting)
  15. Campaign Branding
  16. Turnout Projections
  17. Opposition Research
  18. Photography
  19. On-site Coordinator
  20. Missed Call Number
  21. Door-to-Door Campaign Ideas and Implementation
  22. Direct Mailing Plan and Implementations
  23. Call Centre
  24. Graphic Designing
  25. Vehicle Campaign Designing, Implementation and Logistics added with GPS tracking
  26. Newspaper/Radio Advertisement Plans and Ideas
  27. Video Appeal
  28. Professional Polling Software and Management
  29. Monitoring and Developing Strategies and Campaigns – Their Effectiveness and Outcome
  30. Volunteer’s Training and Management (Election Recruitment and Assigning Tasks)
  31. Booth Level Management